Healthcare is an important political issue that affects everyone. Whomever is elected this November will play a large role in shaping our healthcare system. And with the majority of Congressional seats up for election this year, this presidential race will have a huge effect on the legislative future of healthcare.

Here at Impact Health, we’re all about transparency. And to help you stay informed, we’re outlining the facts of the presidential candidates’ healthcare plans. This is how your healthcare would be affected if Donald Trump is elected president. Primary source: Donald Trump health sheet.

Donald Trump plans to completely repeal the Affordable Care Act. A state’s Medicaid funding would come from a fixed allowance, instead of the current system where funding for each state varies depending on select services or populations.

Under Trump, health insurance would be able to be sold across state lines “as long as the plan complies with state requirements”. You would be able to deduct your health insurance premiums from your tax returns. He would also require that healthcare providers disclose their health costs.

In the name of bringing more choices to consumers, Trump plans to increase competition among drug providers that offer more affordable and safe medication by “removing barriers to entry into free markets”.

Trump promises to “allow individuals to use Health Savings Accounts (HSA)” which is not different from the current law.


Donald Trump’s website didn’t offer any additional resources to supplement his health plan, so we’re referring to an independent source.

The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget describes itself as “a nonpartisan, non-profit organization committed to educating the public on issues with significant fiscal policy impact”. Their thorough analysis of Trump’s health plan found the following:

Read the full analysis here.

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