Healthcare is an important political issue that affects everyone. Whomever is elected this November will play a large role in shaping our healthcare system. And with the majority of Congressional seats up for election this year, this presidential race will have a huge effect on the legislative future of healthcare.

Here at JOANY, we’re all about transparency. And to help you stay informed, we’re outlining the facts of the presidential candidates’ healthcare plans. This is how your healthcare would be affected if Hillary Clinton is elected president. Primary source: Hillary Clinton’s health sheet.

Hillary Clinton plans to expand the reach of the Affordable Care Act by making it more inclusive and affordable. Under Clinton, immigration status wouldn’t affect access to health insurance. People over 55 years old would have the option to buy into Medicare. And she would introduce a government-run health insurance agency into the healthcare marketplace, also known as a “public option”.

Clinton also wants to reduce the financial burden of healthcare. She plans to accomplish by lowering out-of-pocket health costs and the amount of money you have to pay before your health plan kicks in and by increasing competition within drug companies in an effort to make prescription drugs more affordable. And she would give states incentives so that they are pushed to expand Medicaid.

Under the umbrella of providing more access to healthcare, Clinton would look into more cost-effective ways of qualifying more health providers for telehealth reimbursements so that rural areas would have more access to health services and programs.

Clinton’s approach to reproductive health means that “all women [will] have access to preventive care, affordable contraception, and safe and legal abortion.”

Primary-care services at community health centers would receive double the funding over the next 10 years and the National health Services Corp would triple in size if Clinton becomes president.


Here are some more in-depth resources if you want more information about Hillary Clinton’s healthcare plan. And keep an eye out for our next post where we’ll cover Donald Trump’s healthcare plan.

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  • Kristin says:

    Thanks for sharing this. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by policy details and information coming from so many different sources it is helpful to have a nice easy to digest summary of what each of the plans (Clinton’s and Trump’s) would mean for the public.

    • Danielle Small says:

      That’s why we’re here, Kristin. We’re happy that this article was helpful to you! Thanks for the feedback 🙂

  • GeorgeK says:

    hmm, so I am confused, Hilary didn’t win the election. I don’t get this article?

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