Frequently Asked Questions

What does JOANY do?

We make buying health insurance online simple and transparent. Instead of you doing all the legwork, we take care of the process for you – finding you the best plan, answering your questions, walking you through the insurance application process, finding you a doctor that will actually take your health insurance plan, etc. We even help with billing a.k.a. one of the biggest health insurance headaches.

Does it really just take 5 minutes to find the right plan for me?

Yep, what used to take around 4 hours of mind-numbing research now only takes 5 minutes. Now you have the free time to go on a day hike, treat yourself to a fancy dinner with all the money you saved, or binge-watch 4 episodes of Orange Is The New Black.

Do you offer options in my state?

We offer health plan options in every state.

Is it really free?

Yes, our service will be free forever.


We’ll still be free even if pigs start flying or the apocalypse happens.

How does JOANY make money?

Your health plan pays us $12 per month on average so that we can be your personal healthcare concierge service. They pay, you get all the benefits.

Who does JOANY give my information to?

Your information ONLY goes to the health plan provider that you’re enrolling with. During the sign-up process, we keep your information in our system just in case the health plan needs it again. But as soon as it's confirmed that you are a part of the plan, we delete your information from our systems.

How does JOANY figure out what health plan is right for me?

We factor the information about your health – medications you take, how many times you’ve been to the doctor in the past few years, etc – into an algorithm that lets you know exactly what you’re getting out of each plan. And the great thing is that the more we learn from you, the better our algorithm works, saving you even more money!

Are there any health plans you don't offer?

Nope. We offer every plan choice that’s available to you. Since we don’t play favorites with any plan, you can trust that you’re getting all of the facts, without bias.


Our data analysis takes into consideration information that our competitors don’t, like your specific medications. And, in addition to finding plans that cover these medications, we also analyze which health plans pay the most for those medications. Most importantly, we consider our customers’ successes to be our successes, meaning that we work extra hard to make paying for healthcare as painless as possible.

Where has JOANY been all my life?

What matters is that we’re here now, and we’re committed to taking the stress out of paying for healthcare.

I’ve read through this F.A.Q., and I still have questions.

Please email and we’ll take care of you.