Insurance Licenses

JOANY, Inc. does business as “JOANY Health Insurance Services” in the state of California, so you may see “JOANY Health Insurance Services” during your transaction process. Your insurance carrier may also note us as “JOANY Health Insurance Services” in the state of California.

JOANY, Inc. is licensed to sell Health, Accident and Life Insurance under California Department of Insurance License number: 0K36543.

JOANY, Inc. is licensed to sell Qualified Health Plans (QHP) under Covered California license number: 2000338983

JOANY, Inc. is licensed to sell QHPs under the Federally-Facilitated Marketplace (FFM) as a Web-Broker under license number: 17653499

Our CoFounder Helen Lee is individually licensed to sell Health, Accident and Life insurance in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Name State License
Helen Lee NPN 17615739
Helen Lee (FFM) 17615739
Helen Lee Alabama 757690
Helen Lee Alaska 100131068
Helen Lee Arizona 1122435
Helen Lee Arkansas 17615739
Helen Lee California 0K29495
Helen Lee Colorado 487699
Helen Lee Connecticut 2506038
Helen Lee Delaware 1406422
Helen Lee District of Columbia 3098352
Helen Lee Florida W277528
Helen Lee Georgia 3076996
Helen Lee Hawaii 439504
Helen Lee Idaho 571185
Helen Lee Illinois 17615739
Helen Lee Indiana 3191395
Helen Lee Iowa 17615739
Helen Lee Kansas 17615739
Helen Lee Kentucky 914182
Helen Lee Louisiana 692369
Helen Lee Maine PRN267719
Helen Lee Maryland 2181510
Helen Lee Massachusetts 1991125
Helen Lee Michigan 740261
Helen Lee Minnesota 40495391
Helen Lee Mississippi 10431535
Helen Lee Missouri 8375797
Helen Lee Montana 100152027
Helen Lee Nebraska 17615739
Helen Lee Nevada 3155555
Helen Lee New Hampshire 2341573
Helen Lee New Jersey 1610059
Helen Lee New Mexico 444283
Helen Lee New York LA-1387356
Helen Lee North Carolina 17615739
Helen Lee North Dakota 17615739
Helen Lee Ohio 1077749
Helen Lee Oklahoma 100257370
Helen Lee Oregon 17615739
Helen Lee Pennsylvania 774129
Helen Lee Rhode Island 2332292
Helen Lee South Carolina 790228
Helen Lee South Dakota 40403145
Helen Lee Tennessee 2333416
Helen Lee Texas 2019272
Helen Lee Utah 571113
Helen Lee Vermont 3155606
Helen Lee Virginia 964647
Helen Lee Washington 902132
Helen Lee West Virginia 17615739
Helen Lee Wisconsin 17615739
Helen Lee Wyoming 311566

JOANY, Inc. is a corporation licensed to sell Health, Accident and Life insurance in the following states:

Name State License
JOANY, Inc. NPN 17653499
JOANY, Inc. (FFM) 17653499
JOANY, Inc. Alabama 773068
JOANY, Inc. Alaska 100135373
JOANY, Inc. Arizona 1800014268
JOANY, Inc. Arkansas 100164092
JOANY, Inc. California 0K36543
JOANY, Inc. Colorado 492062
JOANY, Inc. Connecticut 2506839
JOANY, Inc. Delaware 3000023006
JOANY, Inc. District of Columbia 3098436
JOANY, Inc. Florida L094647
JOANY, Inc. Georgia 192256
JOANY, Inc. Hawaii 446022
JOANY, Inc. Idaho 589137
JOANY, Inc. Illinois 100785177
JOANY, Inc. Indiana 3192474
JOANY, Inc. Iowa 1002262307
JOANY, Inc. Kansas 472212150-000
JOANY, Inc. Kentucky 928318
JOANY, Inc. Louisiana 706410
JOANY, Inc. Maine AGN275601
JOANY, Inc. Maryland 2182084
JOANY, INC. Massachusetts 2017944
JOANY, Inc. Michigan 107891
JOANY, Inc. Minnesota 40498263
JOANY, Inc. Mississippi 15030202
JOANY, Inc. Missouri 8388269
JOANY, Inc. Montana 100158215
JOANY, Inc. Nebraska 100241643
JOANY, Inc. Nevada 3197022
JOANY, Inc. New Hampshire 2351023
JOANY, Inc. New Jersey 1620758
JOANY, Inc. New Mexico 1800011534
JOANY, Inc. North Carolina 1000494043
JOANY, Inc. North Dakota 3000026694
JOANY, Inc. Ohio 1078884
JOANY, Inc. Oklahoma 100270935
JOANY, Inc. Oregon 100274505
JOANY, Inc. Pennsylvania 788039
JOANY, Inc. Rhode Island 2344819
JOANY, Inc. South Carolina 205841
JOANY, Inc. South Dakota 10018499
JOANY, Inc. Tennessee 2344840
JOANY, Inc. Texas 2027447
JOANY, Inc. Utah 587665
JOANY, Inc. Vermont 3185581
JOANY, Inc. Virginia 138894
JOANY, Inc. Washington 905453
JOANY, Inc. West Virginia 100208338
JOANY, Inc. Wisconsin 100219384
JOANY, Inc. Wyoming 323822

This website is operated by JOANY, Inc. and is not the Health Insurance Marketplace website. In offering this website, JOANY, Inc. is required to comply with all applicable federal law, including the standards established under 45 C.F.R. 155.220(c) and (d) and standards established under 45 C.F.R. 155.260 to protect the privacy and security of personally identifiable information. This website may not display all data on Qualified Health Plans being offered in your state through the Health Insurance Marketplace website. To see all available data on Qualified Health Plan options in your state, go to Health Insurance Marketplace website at