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Join the movement to make health insurance more human.

JOANY is conducting a research study.

How will this study benefit you?

Did you know that over 70% of Americans purchase the wrong health insurance for themselves and their families? JOANY is on a mission to making a nationwide change to empower individuals to make the right choices when it comes to this critical decision.

We are conducting a Research Study to help us better understand the good and pain points that individuals experience when buying and using health insurance. This invaluable information will help us better our services.

What have we learned so far from our research study?


of people are not satisfied with the insurance they bought.


of participants have recieved an unexpected bill to fight on their own.


of people chose their plan alone, without an expert to help them pick the most optimal health insurance.

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Your valuable feedback put into action.

52% of people are not satisfied with their current health plan. Using our assessment we can help you get on the right insurance plan.


46% of people have received an unexpected bill! On average, you will spend 3+ hours on the phone waiting to speak to someone at the health insurance plan. JOANY offers free concierge services that will take care of this for you..


Currently 78% of people choose their plans without an expert by their side to help them. We’ve done the homework for you. Our website will help anyone looking to find the right health plan for their needs, all under 5 minutes.


We’re committed to simplifying the process of purchasing health insurance and making it easier to actually use. We’re your health insurance experts, but more importantly, we’re your advocates. If you need to purchase your plan now, you can do so here.

Most Common Questions

We receive a lot of questions about it and have done our best to answer what we think you may want to know more of:

Is this a legit Research Study, and are you really paying $$ for this?

JOANY is conducting a very focused Research Study to better understand the good, bad, and ugly of purchasing something as critical as health insurance as well as what the current experience is for individuals and families.

This specific Research Study is targeted to those that have purchased their health insurance directly through a health plan or through their state’s Exchange. In order to produce valid research data, every Research Study submitted is carefully and thoughtfully qualified by our team of experts.

We appreciate the time you’re taking to tell us about your experience purchasing your health insurance plan. You’re providing us valuable information that we are constantly learning from and for that, we want to compensate you for sharing this with us. Long story short: yes, we will should you qualify :)

What does “Qualified” mean?

We look at each Research Study that is submitted and ask for specific information during the study that can quickly and easily verify that you qualify. We won’t ask you to share with us anything that we don’t need, only the bare minimum to determine eligibility. We’ve had a lot of interest in this Research Study and to ensure our data isn’t compromised, the process of determining your eligibility is required.

Also, it’s good for us to let you know here that it isn’t your answers that we’re “qualifying”. It’s if you’ve been able to check all the boxes below:

How do you Qualify:

This particular Research Study requires the following:

Why are you asking me for information?

In full transparency, this is the quickest way for us to verify that you are on an individual plan that is current for 2018. We understand this is personal to you and your family, and we want to make clear to you that whether you qualify or not, we will never do anything with your personal information to compromise your security - ever. We will never share them with any third party companies or individuals. We do this to ensure our Research Study results in relevant user experience data so we can better our process by keeping our focus on you, the consumer, and not what we think you want or need.

I’ve submitted everything you asked for - why are you asking for additional documentation?

More often than not we’re able to qualify Research Study submissions right away - those are by far our favorite! However, there are some health plans that may require us to ask for just 1 more piece of information to completely qualify you and send you payment.

We hate having to ask this of you - but rest assured, we’re only asking for what we need to quickly determine your eligibility and want to make it as easy and painless as possible.

When will I be paid?

As our thank you for participating in our Research Study and for thoughtfully providing your honest and detailed experiences, we want to send you compensation as soon as possible. Our team is dedicated to ensuring you hear back from us within 24 hours from when you submitted your Research Study (minus the weekend).

Why didn’t I qualify?

As it turns out, this specific Research Study is focused on those that have purchased their health insurance directly from a health plan or through the exchange. Our Research Study is very focused and we are carefully ensuring that the information we collect isn’t compromised. We’re sorry you didn’t qualify for this Research Study - but we may have another Research Study in the near future that you may qualify for. We’ll make sure to reach out to you when we do :)

We also have a referral program that EVERYONE (qualified or not) can participate in and still receive compensation!

What is the Referral Program?

Anyone that comes through our Research Study, whether or not you qualify, can participate in our Referral Program! We will provide you with your own custom unique link to share with your friends and family. For every 1 qualified person that uses your link to take the Research Study, you also get paid.

There have been a large number of people who didn’t first qualify for this Research Study, share it with their network and have been able to bring more qualified individuals and still get paid! One individual made over $2,000 just by spreading the word!

What else should I know about JOANY:

JOANY is a national organization with a mission to make health insurance simple and transparent. We are advocates for consumers, and experts in the healthcare industry, aiming to help consumers buy insurance they can actually use.

Using data + predictive modeling, we have aggregated every single health plan offered across the U.S. into our web platform. Consumers can now shop for insurance without bouncing around website to website. Most importantly, we do the number crunching and analysis equivalent to 10 healthcare & finance experts in the background so you can receive a truly unbiased recommendation of the best plan for you. Since we are consumer advocates, our service is free to consumers.

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